About Me

My photography journey began just after I gave birth to my youngest child Rainey in 2011.

Like so many, taking pictures of my children has been such a huge inspiration for me.  Without even realizing why, I found myself learning more and more about making my images look the very best I could.  Learning to shoot manual on my old D90.  With a pretty good background in Photoshop (yes I'm a PS geek) it just all came together and made sense.  It was meant to be!

I have come such a long way, and have learned so many wonderful things from some great photographers.  I'm always learning new things and trying new ideas.  I adore so many photographers, but I am realizing more and more I want to be original and be who I am. 

I am a busy mother to 3 wonderful kiddos that I adore more than anything in this world!  I'm also lucky to be married to a wonderful man that is so supportive of everything I do.  I also think he happens to be pretty darn handsome too!;)  

Aside from photography, I am a hairstylist at Paradise Salon in downtown Wood River.  

 I look forward to capturing your memories that will last you a lifetime!