Jessi & John Wedding Day ~Jerseyville, IL~

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John and Jessi are some awesome people!  They're wedding day was nothing short of a great time!  I was so glad to be a part of it!  Wishing them many more years of love and happiness!

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Fall Mini Sessions -Godfrey,Edwardsville, Alton, Wood River, IL-

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~~~Fall Mini Sessions~~~
Dates: October 19th & October 21st
20 minute session
10 digital images with print release
$125 ($25 deposit due to book session)
Limited spots since these will be done during the golden hour
Message me for your spot!


Hallstead Family ~Edwardsville, IL~ Family Photography

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For the past 3 years I have been capturing this family.  They are so incredibly sweet, and every time I see them Lynzi grows 5 inches ha ha!  This evening was incredibly humid for us, but so gorgeous.  They were such good sports!  They're such a happy family.  They make me smile from ear to ear!

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Lemonade Stand Mini Sessions ~Alton, IL~

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~~~~Lemonade Stand Mini Sessions~~~~
Date: Saturday, August 6th
20 min session
15 digital images w/print release
$125 / $25 deposit due upon booking
Times 5pm - 8pm


Goltz Family ~Alton, Illinois~

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Kaitlin & Kyle are some of the nicest people!  I have known Kaitlin for quite a few years now, and she has grown into such an amazing wife and mother.  Aubree is just the sweetest little girl ever.  I'm so glad I got to spend some time with them on such a beautiful evening.

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