My love and passion for photography began just after I was blessed with my 2nd baby 10 years ago. Like many mothers, I took a zillion x3 pictures of my little ones. Sadly, I never pursued my passion until years later. In 2011 after giving birth to my 3rd and last baby my passion was rekindled and I knew this time I had to act on it.

It has become so apparent to me that I have a deep desire to capture those special moments. From a newborn baby, to a feisty little 2 year old, or a new husband and wife exchanging their vows on their wedding day. Capturing those beautiful and memorable moments is what drives me to want to continue to learn and grow.

I have 3 brilliant and loving kiddos. I have truly been blessed with some amazing kids! They're my entire life. They have made my time on this earth so complete. I feel lucky every day to be their mom.

I am looking forward to talking with you soon about scheduling your session with me! I am very flexible and always available to answer any questions and/or concerns you may have.

Yours Truly, Lee